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Navigating the legal landscape of family matters requires a delicate balance of expertise, empathy, and a thorough understanding of the law.

At Dettmann Phair Lawyers, we offer just that, combined with a personal touch that only comes from years of dedicated service to the Chatswood community, Sydney and its environs. Since our inception in 1938, we have been the go-to source for expert legal guidance, helping families find peace and resolution during some of life’s most turbulent times.

In our Chatswood office, we don’t just see cases; we see people. We see the parents striving to make the best decisions for their children, the individuals seeking a fair distribution of assets post-separation, and the grandparents and step parents eager to maintain meaningful relationships with their loved ones. This is where we step in – to navigate you through these complex legal journeys with clarity and care.


Our Comprehensive Family Law Services in Chatswood

Divorce Matters

Deciding to part ways in marriage is never simple. It’s a path paved with shared memories and significant life changes. Our role is to alleviate the legal burdens associated with divorce and separation. With a focus on understanding and proficiency, our divorce lawyers will guide you through every phase, ensuring you feel supported and informed. Despite the streamlining of divorce laws in Australia, certain cases can be intricate. Our expertise lies in untangling these complications, leaving no stone unturned to protect your interests.

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Parenting and Child Matters

When children are at the heart of a separation, their future becomes the focal point of our efforts. From living arrangements to education and healthcare, we help you establish comprehensive child custody and child support services. Our aim is to keep your family’s matters as private and as amicable as possible, avoiding court interventions where we can through dispute resolution strategies.

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Property and Financial Matters

A property settlement is more than just a transaction; it’s the foundation of your new beginning. Our approach is to provide you with a meticulous assessment, considering past contributions and future needs, ensuring a fair and equitable resolution. We stand by you in and out of court, offering you the representation you need for a successful resolution.

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Wide-Ranging Expertise in All Family Law Matters

Our expertise extends beyond divorce and parenting plans to encompass a spectrum of family law matters. We assist with pre-nuptial agreements, grandparent and stepparent rights, and post-separation financial support. Our advice is always tailored to your unique circumstances, ensuring that you feel seen and heard.

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Why Choose Us?

Expertise Grounded in the Chatswood Community, Sydney and its environs

That breadth of legal experience and over 85 years of in-depth knowledge of our community enable Dettmann Phair Lawyers to provide exceptional legal services. With over two decades of providing legal services, to the Chatswood community, Sydney, and its environs.

Our founder, Damian Phair, is not just an accredited specialist but a well-respected and highly regarded local figure who provides an accessible service, focussed on a “problem-solving” approach.    

A Team That Advocates for You

Every member of our team shares a common goal – to advocate for your best interests. Our expertise is matched by our passion and dedication, ensuring that we’re not just representing you; we’re fighting for you.

Our Proven Track Record

The trust we have built over the years is not merely claimed; it’s proven through our track record of successful outcomes and satisfied clients. Our reputation as Chatswood’s premier law firm is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to legal excellence.

Engagement with Empathy

Legal matters are more than just cases; they’re personal journeys. We engage with you not just as a family lawyer but as an empathetic advisor, understanding the emotional gravity behind each decision.

Meet Our Team at Dettmann Phair Lawyers

At Dettmann Phair Lawyers, we are proud to have a team that combines years of experience, specialised knowledge, and a genuine passion for the law and the community of Chatswood. Our team will work collaboratively to provide the highest standard of family law advice and representation.

Damian Phair – Principal Solicitor

Damian Phair is not just the principal of Dettmann Phair Lawyers; he is a cornerstone of the legal community in the North Shore, with a Master’s degree in Family Law. Accredited as a specialist, Damian has cultivated a reputation for his tenacity and unwavering dedication to his client’s interests. Specialising in family law, property law, and commercial law, he regularly appears in a range of courts, offering his vast knowledge and expertise across various legal landscapes. Damian’s career is defined by his commitment to navigating clients through their unique legal challenges and achieving the best outcomes with a holistic and personalised approach.

Vanessa Wang – Senior Associate

With over a decade at Dettmann Phair Lawyers, Senior Associate Vanessa Wang has become an integral part of the firm. Admitted as a solicitor in 2012, she brings extensive experience in property law, commercial law, family law, wills, and estates. Known for her practical advice and ability to meet urgent deadlines, Vanessa excels in managing both residential and commercial property transactions. Her skills extend to the drafting of wills, estate administration, and family provision claim litigation. In family law, she’s adept in handling complex divorce cases, property settlements, and parenting matters, always with the goal of achieving practical, sensible outcomes for her clients.

Melissa Neal – Head Paralegal

As the head of our paralegal team, Melissa Neal represents the new generation of legal professionals. Having been with Dettmann Phair Lawyers for four years and completed her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts (Communications), she is poised for admission as an experienced lawyer. Melissa works closely with Damian and Vanessa on all matters, often serving as the first point of contact for clients. She provides exceptional administrative and legal support, manages the law clerks and paralegals, and ensures efficient handling of your case. With a keen interest in family law, Melissa is acutely aware of the sensitive nature of these matters and strives to offer diligent assistance and a communicative link to our seasoned lawyers.

Our team at Dettmann Phair Lawyers is here to provide you with expert guidance, ensuring that you feel confident and at ease throughout the entire legal process. Trust in our team to be there for you with the right advice at the right time.

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Dettmann Phair Lawyers: Begin Your Next Chapter with Confidence

At Dettmann Phair Lawyers, we do more than resolve legal matters; we provide the reassurance and support that comes from knowing you have a team of dedicated family lawyers in Chatswood by your side.

Here, our doors are open to you, ready to bring clarity to your situation and guide you towards a resolution that aligns with your values and best interests.

Don’t let legal challenges overwhelm you. Reach out to our Chatswood family lawyers and take the first step towards resolving your family law matters with confidence.




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